Copyright law and copying information from the web #general


Genners often wonder (and sometimes err) about the right to post material to
the web, or to "publish" it in some other manner

The "fair use" of copyrighted material is provided for under U.S. Copyright
Law (17 USC 107). For more information, see:

If you wish to use copyrighted material for purposes that go beyond "fair
use," you must obtain permission >from the copyright owner.

If you wish to post information you have obtained on-line, it is often best,
safest and easiest to give the url (i.e. online address) where anyone can
review the material.

Michael Bernet, New York

MODERATOR NOTE: JewishGen policy does not permit us to post material
quoted >from elsewhere without explicit permission. In the case of material
available on the Web, we will not post a direct quote even with permission,
since that would be an unnecessary use of our expensive bandwidth. Michael's
solution of posting the URL where the material can be found is an excellent

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