Hungarian Midwife Training #general


I am writing to ask if any records exist, or if anyone
has knowledge, of how a woman became a midwife in the
1880's in Hungary.

My great grandmother Rosa Gutman NEWMAN was a midwife
in Kosice, in present day Slovakia, formerly Hungary,
after her husband died. Family lore states that she
was trained in Budapest. Lore even suggests that she
went to some kind of medical school. But since she
started delivering babies within a month of her
husband's death, this seems unlikely.

The mother and children moved to the US, to
Philadelphia PA where she was a midwife, accoucheuse,
and delivered her own grandchildren in the late 1880's
and 1890's. Was there any kind of certification there
or could a woman just say she is a midwife and begin
delivering babies?

I've checked the digest archives and on Goggle but
found nothing helpful.

Smithtown, NY

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