"What is Kipret Marsh" (Pripet Marsh) #general

Naomi Fatouros

On Aug. 25, 2006, Marilyn Feingold asked " What is
Kipret Marsh"

<<I just spoke with the widow of a possible relative. She said her
father in law was born in Kipret which is on the Russian/Polish
border. Her husband also mentioned lots of marshes there. Does this
register with anyone?
I've looked in '"Where once we Walked " and couldn't find it."

I think Marilyn either misheard what the widow said,
or the widow mis pronounced the name: "Pripet"

The famous Pripet marshes refers to a vast
waterlogged area in southern Belarus and northern

Ms. Feingold should do a google search for "Pripet
Marsh" or "Pripet Marshes. The online Encyclopedia
Brittanic offers an extensive description of the area.

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