Re: Asher Henczel/Asher Anschel #general

Judith Romney Wegner

<hekenvin@...> wrote:

We are trying to link two branches of the same family. In one,
there is a son Asher Henczel. In the other there is a son Asher Anschel.

Do the linguists among you agree with our hypothesis that
Henczel and Anschel may be different forms of the same name?

My first reaction was "Yes, this could certainly happen." But then I wondered
whether Henczel could be simply a mis-reading of Herczel (which would be an
alternate spelling of the well-known name Hershel .

I am personally interested in the combination "Asher Anschel",
because my father had an uncle Asher Angel (Angel being an obviously
anglicized surname) and I have always assumed that there must have
been an ancestor with the given names Asher Anschel. If anyone out
there is researching the surname Angel, I'd like to know whether
they have found that it did evolve >from Anschel.

Judith Romney Wegner

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