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<< > ,,,,HENCZEL (is that a Slavic spelling) is likely to be a form of
the common German boy's name Haensel, diminutive of Hans, which is itself a
diminutive of Johannes, which is Yochanan in Hebrew.
<< But surely Hans/Haensel is a name found only among German or Austrian
Jews, and scarcely prevalent in the East European background of the
Asher-Anshels we have been discussing? >>

==A perusal of Beider's Dictionary of Ashkenazi Given Names shows the vast
majority of the occurrence of the name Anshel etc is in Germanic countries.
There is nothing at all surprising in some Jews in Slavic countries picking up
a name like Hansl that was popular in Germanic countries, or of giving it a
Slavic spelling. Anyone come across American Jews named Ian, Patrick, Andrew,
Samantha, Krystal, or Cindi?

Michael Bernet, New York

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