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At 11:24 AM +0100 8/28/06, Nick Rich wrote:

Would it be likely that a mother would have called her son after
her dead husband? Am I correct to assume that Eliezer and Eleazer
are the same name?
==If it was the boy's father, that would have been absolutely correct, even
required. If he was the son of her second husband, it would have been in bad
taste--one isn't supposed to parade a dead spouse's name, pictures or
memories before the new spouse.

==There are two Hebrew Biblical names that look similar in English spelling,
and sound similar. One is E-l-i-e-z-e-r the other E-l-a-z-a-r. Easily and
frequently confused. What's worse, is that the names are often abbreviated;
in Yisddish, then, we get Leyzer for Eliezer, and Layzer or Lozer for
Elazar; in Germanic countries, Lasar and Leeser respectively (both latinized as
Lazarus for a surname).

==We have discussed these two similar names in the past. I argued at the
time that no sensible parent would give the so-similar names to two sons--and
the responses that were posted showed that I was wrong. Which proves, I guess,
that some parents are not averse to sowing a little confusion.

Michael Bernet, New York

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