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Hello All

I am trying to trace this couple named Abe & Sophie Markowitz. I am
pretty sure they are connected to my Markowitz/Marks ancestors. They
were originally >from Romania. They immigrated to Manhattan, NY about
1900-07. They also had a son named Harry who was born in Romania and
their other kids were born in Manhattan most likely. They had a
daughter named Yetta. I believe that this Abe Markowitz is the brother
of Zeissel Markowitz who was the father of my great-grandmother

On the 1910 census of Manhattan, the family of Abe Markowitz is living
right alonside my great-grandmother, so that further confirms that they
are related. In 1920 & 1930 census they are living in the bronx. Abe
Markowitz was born about 1875-76 and Sophia 1878-79. I do not know what
happened to them after that. So, if anyone can help me find out when
they died, so i can order a death record that would be helpful to me in
my research.

Ordering his death record would help me confirm his relation. Any and
all help is appreciated.

Sarah Greenberg(CT)

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