1920 Census for Richmond Virginia: NEAMAN & WOLINSKI #general

Steve Orlen

Dear Cousins,

In the 1910 census for Lynchburg Virginia, I find Mannie/Maurice
WOLINSKI with wife Kathryn, both born in Russia circa 1870 & daughter
Pauline born in New York (no city mentioned) circa 1894. They're
living on Court Street. In the 1920 census for Richmond Virginia, I
find the daughter as Pauline C NEAMAN, married (no husband listed),
owner of a grocery store, age 26. She's living with her mother
Kathryn L Wolinski, a widow, age 52. I don't find either of them
anywhere in the 1930 Census, or on any other public records at any
time. I think I know what became of the husband, but not of Pauline & Kathryn.

Does anyone have any practical ideas on how I might trace this mother
and daughter, both cousins of mine?

Best, Steve Orlen

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