SCHULMAN/SHUCHMAN Declaration of Intent #general

Adiva Bloch

Dear Genners,

I hope you guys can help. I sent away for the Declaration of Intent
and Naturalization Records for my great-grandfather Louis SCHULMAN
(born SHUCHMAN). My father has received documents today. Two are
illegible according to him and one he read me over the phone and will
scan to me when able. The information it gave me is very confusing.

It says he was born 15 Mar 1887 (SSDI says 1886 and so does the
application for a SSN, but the day and month are the same on all
three) in Minsk, Russia (country agrees with 1920 census as well as on
App for SSN). It says that he emigrated >from Hamburg, Germany on the
Pretoria and the last foreign residence was Ekatineraslav, Russia. The
date given for arrival was 15 May 1907 and the Declaration was on 10
Nov 1919. The 1907 matches what is on the 1930 census as year of
arrival. The 1919 could match what is written on the 1920 census that
I was never sure of and always guessed 1917.

Here is where most of the problems come in: It lists his wife as Rose
who was born in America (my great-grandmother was Sophie born in
Russia) and it lists 2 girls as the children (my grandfather was born
in Sep 1919 and even if they just didn't list him the girls names do
not match his sisters' names).

When I did a search on a commercial site for Louis SCHULMAN, I found
several of them and there is one that could match this end part.
However, the earlier information does not match. I tried doing a
search of the Ellis Island database as well as through Steve Morse and
I can't find the record of the Pretoria to see if it is my
grandfather. I am so confused as to what I can believe and what I
can't. Could they have combined two people's records accidentally?
When I requested the records I gave them a social security number.

Any help or thoughts on all this would be greatly appreciated.

Adiva Bloch
Johannesburg, South Africa

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