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Vienna was no different >from major cities in Western Europe. At some
times Jews prospered; at other times they were expelled. Some 3000 to 4000
Jews were expelled in 1670. In 1693, the elders of Vienna realized how much
they had lost in expelling them and invited them back--provided they were
Among the Jews who settled in Vienna were Court Jews, such as Samuel
Oppenheimer, Samson Wertheimer, and Baron Diego Aguilar. In 1696
Oppenheimer regained possession of the Jewish cemetery and built a hospital
for the poor next to it. The "modern" Sephardi community of Vienna traced its
origins to 1737; it grew wealthy through trade with the Balkans. Franz Josef
was important

==== The above message refers to a Samuel OPPENHEIMER. I can't
help but wonder if there is any connection between this Samuel Oppenheimer and
the 20thC. Jewish-American physicist, J. Robert OPPENHEIMER. I know this is
trivia. If anyone knows, please e-mail me privately. Thank you.

Cheryl Kantor

KANTOR(Lyubar); SCHOMER(shtetl unknown); DIAGOT

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