Re: The Letter y in Polish #general

Alexander Sharon

"Frtz Neubauer" wrote >

I think the real reason is that the Polish language normally does not have
the letters "x" and "y". So normal Polish names or words would never have
a "y" in them.
Polish language definitely have "y", and use to have a 'x' (instead of 'ks'
combination) in the old transcpits, even at the beginning of the words.

As to the ending of the Jewish surname with "sky" instead of "ski", this is
not limited to the Jewish surnames only, and this is not a practice invented
in the States.

This is common for Czech an Slovak surnames, where all eauivalent to the
'ski' ending surnames are ending always with the 'sky', and this practice
was adopted by the Austrians and Germans.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab.

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