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Hello group,
One of my ancestors, >from Lublin, Poland had the given name of Icek Eysyk.
I have seen this a number of times in the 19th century vital records, but
only in the city of Lublin. The spelling is always different for the first
and second name. Does anyone know if there is a meaning behind this "double
Thanks for your thoughts.
Greg Tuckman
Tempe, AZ 85282
It isn't a double name, it's a stutter: Icek/Ick/<any other variant> is a
spelling according to Polish rules. By English rules, the same sounds might
be rendered "Itzik", which is how the Yiddish of Polish Jews might pronounce
the Hebrew "Yitzh.ak".

Eizik/Eysyk/<any other variant> should be more obvious as "Isaac", which is
what European languages do to Hebrew "Yitzh.ak".

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