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<< Eysyk, Eisig and the English Isaac are all pronounced very much
alike. What I don't understand, though, is how the long "I" sound
gets into Yiddish versions of the name Yitzhak -- because normally it
is only English that gives a long "I" sound to that vowel -- which of
course in the original Hebrew has only the short "i" sound as in the
word "it."

<< Maybe someone can explain to us how one gets >from Icek
(pronounced It-sek) or Izak (pronounced It-zak) to the long "I"
sound in Ei-sig or Ey-syk. >>

==Alexander Beider states in his Dictionary of Ashkenazi Given Names, that
the derivation of Ayzik >from Isac as the result of the diphthongization of
protovowel 34 in Germany was suggested by Weinreich.

==Please, don't anyone call on me to explain what it means. I assume the
source for that comment is Uriel Weinreich, the exponent of modern Yiddish, who
has expired.

Michael Bernet, New York

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