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Benzy Shani <bzs@...>

I'm pretty sure that this is not a vase but rather a pitcher of water. The
pitcher of water is often added to tombstones of Levites.

All the Best,
Benzy Shani

Dear Friends,
I am helping a small group of researchers in Germany to computerize and
build a Database of Jewish population in Jewish communities and Cemeteries
especially in Bavaria (Bayern - Unter Franken). The Database shall be
accessible via the Internet and is to be hosted on the University of
Wurzburg Server.
During the gathering of data and having taken hundreds of Tombstones photos
at various Cemeteries we came across a particular Symbol that looks like an
Amphora (Vase) - see ViewMate VM8444 ViewMate address„44 .
This particular symbol appears to be on several Tombstones in several
Cemeteries that are not in the same neighborhood, administration or
belonging to a certain family. Can any one suggest or advice what is the
meaning of said Symbol, does it reflect or hints to some particular family
I for example think it is associated with a Mikve (Ritual Bath) but, I am
told, it is also appears on Gentile tombstones. Any thoughts and or better
say substantiated source is welcome.
Please send responses directly to me at gnauman@... - not to the

Thanks and Shana Tova to all, let peace come to the Land of Israel.

Gad NAUMAN, Haifa, Israel gnauman@...

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