Yiddish v Hebrew (was single Hebrew/Yiddish Word?) #general


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<< The double-vav followed by an ayin suggests Hebrew rather than Yiddish.
==That was an unfortunate slip of my typing finger. A double vav is very
rare in Hebrew. In Yiddish it represents a W and is very common. In Yiddish
the `ayin represents an E and is very common. The combination of the two
almost certainly points to Yiddish.

==Incidentally, that letter came >from Lithuania, according to the poster.
Lithuania had a highly advanced Jewish school system where students were taught
an excellent Hebrew. Furthermore, the country's cultural and Jewish elite
spoke German. It would not be surprising, then, that in writing, a student or
graduate of one of these schools would slip in a German word written in
Hebrew characters spelled Yiddish style.

==Whatever the word, I still don't get the original joke. Will someone

Michael Bernet, New York

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