Re: Are Hinde and Hudya the Same Name? #general

Judith Romney Wegner

A commercial babyname finder also gives Hudya which says it is of Hebrew
origin and means praise (compare the Hebrew Hodu in the Hallel
service on Festivals).
My Hebrew Dictionary (Crosby Lockwood and Sons, 1913) gives Hodyah
as Praise of God.
Dear Nick,

If I may straighten out some confusion here, your dictiionary's
suggestion that Hodyah means "praise of God" is misconceived. The
noun "hod" actually means majesty or grandeur and not praise.

It is true that "Hudya" comes >from a Hebrew root and it does
contain some of the letters found in the verb to praise -- But the
above was pure folk-etymology. That's because the actual noun
meaning "praise" is not hud or hod at all, it is the
tri--syllabic word hoda'ah (more precisely, the correct trnslation is
an "acknowledgment" or a "thankyou" -- which is one form of
acknowledgment, of course.

The verb le-hodot ("to acknowledge" ) appears in many forms in the
prayer book -- most familiarly at the end of the prayer immediately
preceding the Shema in the daily and Shabbat morning services. It
also appears in the present tense in the "modim " prayer in the
Amidah, in which "We acknowledge" (modim anahnu) certain attributes
of God: and the familia word Hodu! in the Hallel is the imperative
form of the same verb: "Acknowledge!" And I'm sure the word todah,
which means "Thanks!" ( literally "Acknowledgment!") is familiar to
most people on this list.

However, as I said, to translate "Hudya" or "Hodya" as "Praise of
God"-- or even "acknowledgment of God" -- is mere folk-etymology --
already in biblical times, as we see in Genesis 29:35. (The Bible is
full of such folk-etymologies used to explain the names of people or
places.). More plausible was the hunch expressed in my earlier
message, that HUD-ya could well be a diminutive or nickname for
Ye-HUD-is, especially given that in the Ashkenazic pronunciation of
the name the stress would be on the HUD syllable So I'm delighted
that Lisa Rosenfeld has confirmed my hunch.

Needless to say, I have a personal interest in the name Yehudis
(Yehudit). . It is the feminine form of the name Yehudah, which is
often said to mean "praise" -- but again this is probably a

(sgd: Hudya)
aka Yehudit Romney Wegner

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