Re: Translation of Gravestones for HANDELMAN and ABRAMS #general

Judith Romney Wegner

At 3:14 AM +0000 10/5/06, avatom@... wrote:
One note on Abe's stone: The English date January 12, 1919 is incorrect.
He actually died on January 21, 1919. I am wondering if the Hebrew date
reflects this incorrect English date?
No, it does not. January 12 1919 was 11th Shevat and January 21 was
20th Shevat .

It is possible that the engraver, working >from a sheet of paper,
simply transposed the numbers, engraving 12 instead of 21.

Mistakes do occur on stones. My great-grandfather's sister, buried
in a cemetery in Goulburn, NSW, Australia in 1862, was 37 years old.
But the stone wrongly states she was 27. That error was probably due
to mishearing -- the engraver (or his boss) was probably told 37 but
heard and wrote down 27, so that's what ended up on the stone. Very
easy for such mistakes to occur, and sometimes difficult or expensive
to correct.

Judith Romney Wegner

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