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Phyllis Kramer:

Thanks for your post on this thread:

Howard Relish responded to the query about locating all the descendents
of a shtetl. He said: "I've also been scratching my head about how to
store such data. Spreadsheet? Database application? Text editor? Then
there's the potential issue of merging results >from searches of other
databases. "
Actually, the head-scratching is my state, part of my response to his
comments about my original query.

I have collected all the information on my gf's shtetl, Zmigrod, as i
found that each of the major families connected somewhere to my family.
You are indeed fortunate! Approximately how many people were in Zmigord?
How many families? My two ancestral shtetls contained about 3000 and about
5000 people each.

I began with Ellis Island, as Howard suggested, but my next step was
census, where i could track the families. In terms of how to store the
information, I put the results of every query into text, and compiled
these texts into one word document. Then searching became a one step,
very easy process.
Right, I have thought of using MS Word or something similar -- pointedly NOT
a database or spreadsheet. My technical friends are shocked, but I think
there are good arguments for this approach. Among them, as you say, plain
old text search works fine for many purposes.

I am concerned about size. In my experience, Word gets a bit cranky as the
number of pages increases. How many pages in your Word file?

As far as using census data, I would be worried about the process of merging
results >from a comprehensive census search with text data in a Word
document. That sounds like potentially a huge amount of work to do manually
-- if there are in fact overlaps.

My experience thus far, with my family and a few examples of their townsmen,
is there are very few overlaps between databases. I cannot recall finding
the same person in two different database.

Maybe the my family and the examples I chose were unusually elusive
individuals. What kind of overlaps did you find?



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