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<< I have a tombstone at which
I cannot read. The problem is the condition of the stone. It is all in
Hebrew, but that is not my problem. The only thing I can make out is
the date . If anyone can make some sense of it, I'd be pleased.>>

==The moderator had asked us to respond directly to Israel Pickholz. I would
if I could be of any help to him. All I could read of the Hebrew was the
start of the last line, which translates as "Who died on."

==But I think I can give advice that is of help to anyone trying to identify
an inscription, or a text: Play with it in your graphics application. Here
are some possible manipulations that can bring out hidden texts:

* enlarge the image to get finer details
* reduce the size of the image to get a clearer image
* play around with contrast: sometimes a greater contrast helps, at other
times you are served better by less contrast
* play around with color saturation--greater or smaller
* look at a color negative
* convert to black and white
* emphasize one of the colors
* deemphasize one of the colors

==When you've given up hope, pack up for the night. And try again, and
again, and again.

==If you can, go back and rephotograph. When the sun is high or when it is
low. When the sun strikes the stone >from left or >from right. Bring a large
sheet of cardboard with you to cast shade. Have one side of the cardboard be
white or reflective to bring light on the stone >from another angle. Use a flash
from one side or the other, >from top pointing down or bottom pointing up. Get
up close and photograph one small section at a time--again using a shade, an
umbrella or supplementary flash to bring out detail.

==You'd do best with a digital camera because you can examine each shot and
determine if you're in the right direction.

Michael Bernet, New York

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