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Dear JewishGen,

Again, many thanks to all those who have emailed me.

I now have a further query.

I am researching details about my paternal great grandmother, who is
believed to have come to the UK >from Kiev. Born in 1866, her maiden name
was Rebecca BLACKMAN. Her Hebrew name was Rivkah Beila (Bat Raish Hirsch

In Russia, Rebecca married Luis/Louis SHUEL/SHIELL (Leiber Hirsch), and gave
birth to 2 daughters and a son. In/around c.1880-1897 Rebecca, Luis and
their children emigrated to the UK (Leeds), where they had 2 more sons and a

To date, I do not know if Rebecca had any siblings and I have no information
about any descendants of any siblings. I do not know anything else about her
parents or where they were born, lived or died.

Rebecca died in East London in 1923, aged 57.

Another matter of interest to me is, her husband's Hebrew name was Leib
Hirsch, which was the opposite of her father's Hebrew name. I wondered if
this is sheer coincidence, or, if Russian Jews' surnames were switched
around for whatever reason. If they were switched around, I am beginning to
wonder if the two were in fact related in some way.

Any information would be very welcome, please email me -


Betty Shiel (London)


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