Immigration information #general

mimi simon

I have to thank everyone who suggested writing to
NARA in Philadelphia for my grandfather's
naturalizatin file. I followed the advice and
received a reply, a request for $10 for copies of the
file, and in short order I received the papers. This,
after 3 1/2 years of attempting to receive these same
papers >from INS/Homeland Security/Justice Dept. even
with the help of my congressman!
Receiving these papers has uncovered another
mystery. According to the filing, my grandfather
arrived in New York on 9/10/03 on the Deutschland out
of Hamburg, Germany. However, there is no trace of
him on the Ellis Island website nor of the ship on
that date. On a list of ships for the year,
incidentally, I do not see the Deutschland listed.
I have tried the Hamburg Roots website and find it
impossible to navigate. I enter the date of birth,
the year of departure as per the instructions and it
rejects them, telling me to enter four digits (which I
have) for the year etc. I have tried various
combinations but none work.
Aside >from my question about whether others have had
trouble with this website, is it possible that my
grandfather used another name to enter the U.S. or the
name of the ship was not correct? Would the Bureau of
Immigration have checked these details before allowing
him to become a citizen?
Any suggestions would be helpful. You may contact
me privately unless the moderator feels this
information would be of general use.
Thank you!
Mimi (Weiss) Simon

Teaneck, NJ

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