Re: Translation of unknown language: "La Chikitika Mia, La Savorozika Mia". #general

Mathilde Tagger <tagger@...>

Hi Terry,

You wrote:
I have a phrase >from a gravestone that I need translated. I thought it
might be French or Italian but I have been told it probably is not. The
phrase is "La Chikitika Mia, La Savorozika Mia". Could someone please
tell me the language and translate it for me.
These words are in Ladino (or Judeo-Spanish) that was mainly spoken by
Sephardic Jews living in the Ottoman Empire. The language is based on
medieval Spanish (time of the Expulsion in 1492) and has additions >from
Hebrew and local languages like Turkish, Greek and Bulgarian).
The words on the inscription mean: "My little one, my delicious one".


Mathilde Tagger
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