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Dear Listers,
There has been a persistent tradition in my family dating at least >from the
early nineteenth century that we originate >from a Russian or Polish
immigrant who came to Britain certainly before 1798.I have found two other
families of Isitts with similar traditions based in Australia and New
Zealand , but with no apparent links to my Isitts.

My earliest known ancestor was my 4 X Great Grandfather, John Isitt who is
first recorded as marrying Mary Dally of Loveston, Pembrokeshire on 1st
December 1798. In the marriage register he is described as "John Issits of
the parish of Pwllcrochan". >from other sources I know that at this time he
was a bachelor, aged twenty years, because his age is given on various
documents after he was appointed to work as a H.M.Dockyard blacksmith first
in Jacobs Yard, Hunbberston Pill, Milford Haven >from Feb 1805 until 1814 and
thereafter at Pembroke Dock until finally he retired in Oct 1827, when he
was 49 years of age. He was in receipt of a Dockyard pension of £15 per
annum up until his death in April 1837. Evidence suggest he was born in
1778, but I do not know where or who his parents were, as he seems to have
been alone in Pwlllcrochan.

Only now, after thirty four years of enquiry, have I had a glimmer of hope
in the form of advice >from a lady (name and address withheld for security
reasons) who is Jewish and has advised me to join JewishGen. She informs me
( I quote)
" I am descended >from a family called Norden of which one branch is called
Norton. The earliest infromation I have on any of them is 1790s in London,
and a complete void before that after eight years search. There are other
wealthier Amsterdam Nordens some of whom came to England) There are a few
earlier records here ( mine were in 1790s rates books) and those of the many
little London synagogues which don't exist at all now.

The link with my family is through Louisa Norton. Descendants of Robert Izat:
1. Robert Izat born 1808 in Lambeth, d.29 November 1849 in Greenpoint, part
of Capetown, South Africa, and not far >from the waterfront.Married Louisa
Norton, b.1833, on 1 June 1843, in the home of John Norton by special
licence(Apparently, John Norton's original Jewish name was Moshe)
2.George Izat
2.Louis Izat
2. John Robert Izat, b.1844 in Cape Town ... married Francis Mary, b.1846 in
Stadforth, Durham, England.

Does anyone recognise these names and can anyone elaborate on the probable
parents of my John Isitt or Issit born ca.1778, and other members of his
family ? Surviving Isitts of our known lineage are now primarily in South
Wales, U.S.A. and Canada.

I would be delighted to hear >from anyone who can provide me with hope of
tracing my family back beyond 1778, and some way of solving the significance
of the Isitt family's Jewish origins tradition. I would like this letter to be
circulated to all the members of JewishGen, if this is practical.
Yours Sincerely,
Dr Paul Newbury

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