How to search at Mt of Olives Cemetery, Jerusalem? #general

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I found a mention that nine of my Kletsker landsleit are buried in a group in
the Mt. of Olives Cemetery, Jerusalem. I have only one name: Liebe FEIGE
Hacohen. The gravestones could be a valuable resource to my research on

By great fortune, I am in contact with a landsfroy in Israel who is willing
to go to the cemetery and take photos of the stones. But she reports that
the cemetery is not easy to search and asks for help finding an index or any
other information that would aid her in finding the common plot.

I found mention of a 2004 Israel Genealogical Society project to make an
on-line database for some burials there, at

There is even confirmation that 7 Kletskers are buried there... but the link
to "Search Database" doesn't lead anywhere.

Can anyone help with this resource or any other that will help us find the
locations of the graves of our landsleit?



Henry Neugass
Palo Alto, CA
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