Lists of 1915 deportees from Lithuania to the Ukraine #general

Ilan Ganot <iganot@...>

Dear List,

Are there any lists of Jewish Lithuanian citizens who were deported from
Lithuania to the Ukraine in 1915 during WW I?

Are there any resources about Jewish deportees in or near Kremenchug or
Bachmut in southern Ukraine?

My father's ITING family was deported to Kremenchug, Bachmut or their
vicinity, where my father was born in 1918. Only afterwards the family made
its way back to Lithuania.

Ilan Ganot,

Co-Webmaster, Mazheik Memorial Website
Email: iganot@...

Researching: ITING, TUCH, KURS >from Zhidik/Zidikai, Mazheik/Mazeikiai in
northern Lithuania

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