Re: How to search at Mt of Olives Cemetery, Jerusalem? #general

Mathilde Tagger <tagger@...>

Hi Henry,

You wrote:
I found mention of a 2004 Israel Genealogical Society project to make an
on-line database for some burials there, at

There is even confirmation that 7 Kletskers are buried there... but the
to "Search Database" doesn't lead anywhere.

Can anyone help with this resource or any other that will help us find the
locations of the graves of our landsleit?
The Mount of Olives database containing 8,012 tombstone inscriptions will
soon be on the net together with other valuable databases..
In the meantime, I'll try to help you and answer your question in private.


Mathilde Tagger
Coordinator of Helkat Mehokek Project (Mount of Olives)
Israel Genealogical Society

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