Re: divorce records in NYC #general


These are the *City Clerk* marriages that I mentioned on the list
recently. These marriage documents provide much more detail than the
Dept. of Health ones and, yes, for couple where one of the spouse's
earlier marriages ended in divorce, the detail is quite fascinating.

These include (when answered)
Full name of (first spouse) and if they living or dead.
For divorced people, when and where and against whom was divorce or
annulment or dissolution granted. This would cite date of divorce,
court and city where it was filed.
Where did you live last with (your previous) spouse.
Grounds of the divorce or annulment.

Eli Savada
Bethesda MD

On Oct 20, 2006, at 15:55,
( wrote:

But in addition, I've found an unusual spot for them: marriage applications
filed in NYC for the second marriage include the divorce records.
These marriage applications *cannot* be requested by mail, but are
available in a separate cabinet at the Municipal Archives. These records
have been very helpful and often reveal new information.

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