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Dear Jeff,
The Mormon Library has these "censi" on microfilm, so if you have
access to a Mormon FHC, you can order them.

Go to their catalog search page
<>, and
click on <Place> search. In the first box, type <New York>, nothing
in the second box.

When you get the results page, if you click on the first link <New
York> (No borough, city, etc.), you'll receive selected results for
the entire state. I clicked on <New York (city)> and got results for
the NYC area.

At the results, just scroll down - you'll see the individual listings
for the 1905, 1915, and 1925 censi with separate films for the maps
or street card indexes. You can click on any of the individual
listings to see more details.

Hilary Henkin
Marietta, Georgia
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At 07:49 AM 10/22/2006, malkajef wrote:
I know that New York had its own censuses for 1905, 1915 and
1925. Other than going to NY are these census records available
anywhere else to search through?

Thank you.

Jeff Malka ---
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