Help finding 3 FREY sisters #general


In the 1940's there was a FREY family that lived in Brooklyn, NY.
There were 3 daughters:
Lottie married a Mr. Levy
Helen F. married a Mr. Cohen (in later life they moved to Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.
Blanche D. married Don Mironov (might have moved to OHIO)
In 1951 they had 2 Children: GERALD and KAREN

They had several Aunts & Uncles born in NOWY SACZ, Galicia who emigrated to the
Their Aunt Rose FREY Heller was MY GrandMother
(b. Feb. 20, 1868 d. March 15, 1914)

Another aunt was Lena FREY Letzter (m.#2) Stock
(b. 1865? d. June 26, 1949)

Two of the Uncles were Henry FREY (b. Feb. 1870 d. on Aug. 7th 1928)
and Victor FREY (b. May 1878/9 d.?)

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Thanks for your help; Rachel Heller Bernstein, Yerushalayim
FREYs - Nowy Sacz / maybe Tarnow
DANZIGERs - Nowy Sacz / maybe Tarnow
HELLERs - Krakow

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