Any And All Information & One Translation Needed For Viewmates VM8680-84 #general <sacredsisters3@...>


I have five pics just posted, and they are VM8680-84. I only need one
of them translated which VM8680. Its the back of VM8681. I do not know
what the language is but would like someone's help with an english

VM8680-Translation Please

VM8681-Front of 8680-Unknown Boy-Possibly Faikes Family- If anyone
recognizes the boy please contact me.

VM8682-Unknown Boy-Possibly Faikes Family-Please contact me if you

VM8683-David Greenberg-1927 Central High Yearbook photo of my
great-uncle-If anyone has any information pertaining to him please
contact me.

VM8684-Group Photo-Most likely of Greenberg Family & Cousins-If you
know or recognize anyone please contact me.

I appreciate all helpful information.

Sarah Greenberg(USA)

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