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Peter Zavon <pzavon@...>

It would have been helpful had you said *when* your uncle arrived, even if
only to the nearest decade.

There was no "Port of Rhode Island" although there may have been a port in
Rhode Island. All surviving official passenger lists are on microfilm at
the US National Archives in Washington, DC., and, I believe, also that the
Branch Archives in Pittsfield, MA. The films for ports in New England,
which includes Rhode Island, will also be at the ranch Archives in Waltham.
The Mormon Family History Centers can borrow many different microfilms,
including copies of these, >from their Family History Library. They are then
made available for your use in the Family History Center.

For Providence, RI, Passenger lists are on film for the period >from 17 June
1911- Jan 1943. There is an alphabetical index to passengers arriving at
Providence covering 18 June 1911 to 5 Oct 1954. There are also book indexes
to the Providence Passenger Lists covering 13 Dec 1911 - 26 June 1934.

There are also Customs Passenger lists for Bristol and Warren, RI for
1820-1871 and for Providence for 1820-1867. Their names are part of a
larger index covering 19th century arrivals at Great Lakes, Atlantic and
Gulf Coast lists (Expect NYC)

The above is based on a 23-year old compilation >from the National archives,
so some additional materials may have been added.

Peter Zavon
Penfield, NY

"Todd Lerner" <tlernerdds@...> wrote
My Uncle came to the US through the Port of Rhode Island via the Fabre
Line. Does anyone know how to obtain the Passenger lists for this port?
Todd Lerner

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