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I spent six-and-a-half weeks in Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine this
past summer and was shocked to see the numbers of locals who had the
same hair and strange cheeks as me: hair that is very straight and
very fine and very, very unlike the waves and curls of every, single,
other Jew studying at the Vilnius Yiddish Institute and cheeks with a
strange slight sinking.
1) We shouldn't discount the ability of phenotypic selection to influence
such things. If Jews, adopting the aesthetic values of their milieu,
prefer taller, paler, and straighter hair in mate selection, even if this
amounted to less than 1% per generation, in 10 generations,
400 years, there would be some affect on the appearance of [some of] the
2) Given all the pressures for conversion in the community, I would
expect to see more evidence of 'Jewish' genes in the gentile community
than the opposite. I think the story of Oskar Milasz, the French poet,
cousin of Nobel Prize-winner Czeslaw Milasz, is more typical than
gentile-sired babies in the Jewish community. Oskar's mother was the
daughter of a rabbi in a Lithuanian village. His father was a Polish
cavalry officer
in the Russian army. Riding through the village, their eyes met, he swept
her up on his horse, and rode off with her to marriage. It is possible
that she, like the Rothschild daughters married to English nobles,
practiced Judaism on their estate, but their descendents are good
Catholics, no doubt.
Stephen Pinker, the psychologist had a long article in this Jewish New
Year's edition of the London Jewish Chronicle which was a wide-ranging look
at the psychology of being Jewish (very crudely as I don't have a copy to

He briefly touched on the subject of the difference between European Jews
and Gentiles - and as I recall he said that with a small amount of
intermarriage over the centuries there was very little difference between
the two groups genetically.

Maybe someone else has a copy of this recent edition and would have a look
at it for me?

Nick Landau
London, UK

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