Re: Religious Marriage of Rose and Irving HELFMAN #general

Zev Griner <zgriner@...>

Unlike a civil ceremony that is recorded for posterity, a religious
ceremony would have been recorded in the ketubah, religious marriage
contract, your father would have signed. Technically, this contract
belonged to your mother, but most probably was put into an envelope and
kept in drawer or folder. The rabbi that married them may have kept
personal records, but I don't think they were recorded elsewhere.

Just some thoughts,
Zev Griner

Marilyn Siegel wrote:

I was wondering if anyone could help me. My parents were married in
a civil ceremony in The Bronx on March 2, 1923
Rose (Silverman) and Irving HELFMAN

However, their religious ceremony was held on June 10, 1923, the
date they actually celebrated. I just realized that I have the papers
for the civil proceedings, but not the religious one. I would presume they
were married in a synagogue, or a Rabbie in The Bronx.
Is there any way I could find out this information. They had both
lived at 899 E. 169 St. in The Bronx.

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