Bronnaya Gora, Belarus near Baranovichi #general

Larry Schenker <lpsca@...>

I am trying to locate Bronnaya Gora, Belarus the site where 50,000 Jews
were massacred during World War II. It is near Baranovichi with Lat:
53:08:29N (53.1415) Lon: 26:03:04E (26.0511) and North of Pinsk Lat:
52:07 - Lon: 26:04.

Using ShtetlSeeker and searching on Bronnaya Gora two hits come up, but
both are SE of Minsk, whereas Bronnaya Gora is West or SW of Minsk.

Can anyone please give me the latitude and longitude of Bronnaya Gora?

Larry Schenker
Los Angeles, CA 90024

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