Paul & Irene Berman <ikpjb@...>

I am seeking descendents, particularly males, who are descended >from Yosef
(Joseph) Leib EPSTEIN (Levite) through his sons Yacov (Jacob) Meir Epstein
or Moshe RAVITZ. I assume the latter had a different surname so that he
would not be drafted into the Russian Army and Yacov Meir would have
appeared to have been an only son.
Yosef Leib was the son of Rabbi Yitzhak Mordechai of Kossov Poleski in the
Slonim District. His son Moshe Ravitz may have been born in 1902 and brought
to the US by his parents in 1912.
Moshe and Yacov were the first cousins of my grandfather, whose mother was
their aunt. I am interested in knowing whether any male descendents of the
brothers are doing DNA testing for their connection to the Epstein (Levite)
Irene Berman
Shoham, Israel

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