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On Mon, 16 Oct 2006 18:18:21 UTC, nachum613@... (Nachum Tuchman)

I can't get into the Haifa burial data base. I'm sure that it's a
problem with my computer. I am copying information that I have for
several Israeli cemeteries, in the hope that it may be of help to
others, which includes the Haifa data base.
Please drop me an email and tell me in what way the Haifa site fails to load
in your computer. There is no reason why you should not see it and use it;
it is a pity that you didn't supply a bit of information that might have
helped us help you. Computers have no way to differentiate between one
website and another; if your machine lacks something that the site requires
(probably an appropriate Java installation in this case) the lack is easily
remedied; sometimes (not in this case, however) sites are so amateurishly
designed that you are not the only one that can't use them -- and even
knowing about that is better than simpy shrugging one's shoulders and saying
that one's computer is unhappy with the site.

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