How to Get the Latest Edition of the German Gedenkbuch #general

Fritz Neubauer

Bernard wrote:

Please translate (loose) to English, instructions on how to purchase
'Gedenkbuch' >from Bundesarchiv, Koblenz.

The relevant sentences are:
Das Gedenkbuch kann durch das Bundesarchiv bezogen werden: Bundesarchiv,
56064 Koblenz Bundesarchiv, Fax: (0049)261505226 Bundesarchiv, E-Mail:
ISBN: 3-89192-137-3
Umfang: 4 Bde., 3820 S
Preis: 149,39 E

The information is:

Send an email to


or use the fax number.
They will send you the four volume paper edition including the CD-ROM in
the back of the first volume and bill you for the amount stated plus the
costs for shipping.

Further inquiries about the content from

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany

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