Re: Importance of SIGs for specialist postings - with ref. to Austria -Czech SIG #general

Peter Zavon <pzavon@...>

I would like to suggest that, at least in connection with this question, the
so-called General Discussion Group is very definitely the place for a
detailed answer. The Hapsburg Empire covered much more territory than that
on which the Austria-Czech SIG focuses and the answer would apply to all
parts of that empire. If the "best" answer appears in a SIG list, it could
be cross-posed by someone following both lists, or it could be built into an

There are certainly questions that might receive more answers, or even more
knowledgeable answers, if posted to the discussion of a particular SIG, but
newer researchers will often begin in the wider lists as they may not start
out knowing more than the general area >from which their ancestors came in
the 19th or early 20th centuries. As their focus narrows, a simple mention
in the more general discussion lists can point them to the more specific.
But there will always be "newer researchers" so a single notice in a general
list will not sweep the more specific questions into the SIG discussions for
all time, or even for a very long time.

Peter Zavon, Editor
Gesher Galicia Family Finder
Penfield, NY


"Celia Male" <> wrote:


One of these postings is entitled: Origin of surname LUNDENBURG, where Larry
Hlasav asks: <Can anyone help me with a question regarding the 1787 edict of
Emperor Joseph (Austria) requiring Jewish families to adopt German surnames in
his Empire?
And the question continues on the subject of LUNDENBURG as a
toponymic. Answer: Yes, I can certainly attempt to answer this question, but I
wonder if the General Discussion Group is the place for a detailed answer?

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