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Zoldhely literally means Greenplace. It looks like a toponymic, but
there is no such place listed in the 1913 gazetteer of greater Hungary.

He is listed as Lajos Zoldhely, born in Debreczen. I would even hazard a
guess that the family name was Hungarianized >from something like Grunstein,
since he happened to be travelling with two other young students, one a
"Grundstein" and the other a "Grunstein",all accompanied by the same Mr.
Mor Fischer, and his wife. (it's interesting to note that Mr. Fischer's
wife's ticket was paid by her brother, and all three boys' tickets were
paid by their uncle, which might suggest that they were all related, given
the similarity in surname and that they all lived in Kisvarda.)

The common practice in Hungary at the time would have been for a married
woman to call herself by her husband's name, although official records would
have included her mother's maiden name.

....... Tom Klein

Barbara Zimmer <> wrote:

IN 1921 Jalos ZOLDHELYI entered Ellis Island, age 15 >from Hungary. He
subsequently took the name Louis GREEN. What is the meaning of his
original surname? (I know that the first part ZOLD = Green.)
Also, his mother possibly used her maiden name on her immigration
application. I can't remember which country has been mentioned where
the married women used their maiden names for immigration purposes.
Was it Hungary?

Barbara Zimmer

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