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There is nothing, yet, on the websites of either The History Channel
( ) or Cherry Road Films (the production company)
( ) that indicates the film is currently available on
DVD, but the film is based on the 2003 book of the same name by Peter Duffy,
which seems to be generally available >from the usual websites. If history
(pun intended) is any guide, the film probably will be available on DVD
eventually, once it has had its television airings: I'd keep checking either
of the two above-mentioned websites.

This >from one of the film-industry websites (dated 6 May 2004):

Director Phillip Noyce and producer Mace Neufeld are to make The Bielski
Brothers for Warner Independent Pictures and Jonas Goodman at Cherry Road
Films. The story concerns three Jewish brothers who heroically hid 1,250
Jews >from the Nazis in a forest outside Belarus during WWII.

Peter Lebensold

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On Sunday, November 12 at 4pm (EST) the History Channel will present
a production "The Bielski Brothers: Jerusalem in the Woods:" 1,200
Jews survived the Nazi occupation of Belarussia by taking refuge in
the forest haven created by these Jewish resistance fighters
Would anyone know how we poor Europeans (England) could get to see this.
Does anyone knows whether the show will be aired in England, or if a
commercial copy will be made available?

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