Re: Finding Those Russian Towns #general

Alexander Sharon

Phyllis Kramer wrote:

Jeff Malka asked: I've checked Shtetlseekers but, not being a speaker of
Russian, I find it hard to pick among the many sound-alike choices
Any suggestions for these Russian town names >from 1900-1910 (as written in
passenger ship records) would be appreciated:
Starloup, Russia
Redjiska, Russia
Kisherov, Russia

here's one thing that sometimes works for me, Jeff...
I start with JGFF and put in the town names, no country...(Russia then
encompassed areas that are now Eastern Europe (Poland, Austria,Romania
I also make sure to use the Daitch-Mokotov soundex. I am searching for
towns in ShtetlMaster...they will have the JewishGen logo, noting there
a large Jewish population.
I found:
Starloup, Russia.........? nothing
Redjiska, Russia.........radoszyce poland (think Russian poland)
Kisherov, Russia.........Ciechanow,Poland and Kacerov, czech...but I'll
its Kishenev which I think is now Chisinau,Moldava
Hi Phyllis and Jeff,

Personally, I prefer to revisit Ellis Island database to review scanned
manifests. Unfortunately, Jeff did not provide surnames of his ancestors,
and this make search a bit more challenging.

It appears that Starloup should read: Starodub, Russia at 5235 3246.
Town is located in the vicinity of the other known Russian Jewish towns
Novozybkov and Klintsy.
Redjiska appears to be town Radiisk (ex Radinsk or Yatskovka) located some
30 miles >from Starodub.
There are several entries for Radinsk in Ellis Island database, and I assume
that this is correct locality.
On the other hand, Kisherov is, as already few Genners have identified, is
Kishinev in Bessarabia, thus there is a large spread of the town
whereabouts. Perhaps Radiisk is not correct either.

It would be nice if Jeff and other Genners searching for their shtetls
names, will indicate researched by tem surnames and their arrival year(s).

Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

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