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Draft offices in Russian Empire were in many cases associated with basic
administrative entity - volost'. However not every volost' had a draft office.
Some of the offices changed their locations during period of 1870s - 1910s.

For Mozyr uyezd of Minsk Gubernia 1st draft office located in Mozyr (east),
2nd - in Turov (west) and 3rd - in Petrikov (center).

Vitaly Charny
Birmingham, AL

In a message dated 8/5/2005 1:49:10 AM Central Standard Time, writes:

I have found a reference to an ancestor in the "1881 list of Mozyr uyezd
people drafted in 1880 but did not report for duty". The list references the
"3rd draft office of Mozyr uyezd". I believe this draft office would include
the shtetl of Lachwa, but have no sure knowledge. Does anyone know how to
find out what towns the 3rd draft office would include?

Stan Golembe
Canton, MA

Researching GALEMBA, GOLEMBE, GALEMBE; Lachwa, Lyachovicxhi, Pinsk,

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