Gulag One -Step - Steve Does It Again! #belarus

David M. Fox <davefox73@...>

I am happy to report that Stephen Morse has just created the One-Step
English-language interface to the Gulag website that I announced previously
from an AVOTAYNU "Nu, What's New" (with permission). The interface tool can
be found on his one-step website ( in a new section
called "Holocaust and Eastern Europe".

Stephen also just created a one-step interface to a Polish website also
reported in a recent issue of Nu-whats-new as being difficult to use for
a similar reason -- it was all in Polish. That interface is now also in
his "Holocaust and Eastern Europe" section.

Both of these databases are useful to Belarus researchers. Please share
your successes in finding data on these two databases using Steve's tools.

Thank you Steve for your contributions to genealogy research and making it
easier for all of us to find our ancestors.

David Fox
Mail to: davefox73@...
Belarus SIG Founder and Past Coordinator
Arnold, MD USA

There is now an online database at of some 1.5 million
people, about 20,000 identified as Jewish, who were interned and died in
Soviet gulags form 1935-1955. Apparently it also includes persons executed
in Moscow. There are introductions at the site in Russian, German and
English, but currently the search engine and resulting information is only
in Russian.

Included for each person is last name, first name, patronymic, year of
birth, place of birth, nationality (Jewish is a nationality), education,
party membership, profession and place of work, place of residence, date of
arrest, arrest charge, date of decision, decision agency, law under which
convicted, sentence, date of execution, place of execution, date of
exoneration, exonerating agency, basis of exoneration and source of

For those who do not have Russian keyboards, the Stephen P. Morse site
provides character for character transliteration of Roman alphabet letters
into Cyrillic. The Morse site is at

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