Help with translating tombstones needed... #general

Tracy Doucet

I am trying to trace my families roots in Poland, all were >from rabbinical
families and originated around Radzilow, emigrating to the UK around 1881.

I am struggling, although I can find records in the UK >from 1881, I can't
find any information regarding the family in Poland.

The names I have are Sara, Saul and Bernard Salomons. I am hoping that here
are references to fathers names on the tombstones. If anyone can help by
translating the Hebrew Text I would be really grateful - I have the dates of
death having managed to work them out but am at a complete loss with names !

I have uploaded the files on viewmate, here are 3 files in total VM8898 -

If anyone has any other suggestions on research I might undertake, I would
be grateful to receive ideas.
Please respond to

Many Thanks
Tracy Doucet

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