Military/Genealogy question, Morris FRIEDMAN #general

David Priever

Hi Fellow Jewishgenners,

I am trying to track down a person in the 1930 Federal census. I found
someone who I believe is him as a few known facts about him >from the 1910
FC, 1920 FC and 1925 NYS Census match with the 1930 person.

His name is Morris FRIEDMAN. He was born 1904-05 in Brooklyn, NY to Joseph
and Sarah FRIEDMAN, who were both born in Russia.

I found the FRIEDMAN family enumerated in the 1910 and 1920 Federal Census
records and the 1925 NYS Census. I believe I found Joseph and Sarah in the
1930 FC.

A brother, David, may have married after 1925 and possibly before 1930. I
found eight (8) possibilities in the marriage databases of the Italiangen

A brother, Israel, perished in World War 1.

As for this Morris, his age was 25 in 1930, he was born in New York and both
his parents were born in Russia. He was a soldier stationed at Fort Dupont
in New Castle, Delaware at the US Military Reservation.

What records might be available for soldiers stationed here? This was in
between wars so I am not certain what I may be able to find or if I can
ascertain if this is the correct Morris (Moses in 1910) FREIDMAN, son of
Joseph and Sarah.

Any help you can give will be, as usual, greatly appreciated.


David J. Priever

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