Re: KALICH of Tzfat and Ustrzyki Dolne / Istrik #galicia

Alexander Sharon

"Yaron Pedhazur" <yarpd@...> wrote

I am re-researching my KALICH / KALECH family roots.

The family came originally >from Istryk / Ustrzyki
Dolne (Galicia, now in Poland, 49 26' 22 35') - the
first was Yeshaya Sholomo Zalman KALICH who was
son-in-law of the town Rebbe, Yissacahr Berish BER,
and son of Moshe Yosef KALICH. YS"Z died in Tzfat in
1879. As he was son-in-law of the town's Rav, I don't
really know if he was originally >from Istryk. I think
he may have immigrated to Tzfat also just after the
Montifiory census, so I cannot find there his birth

When I look into the JRI-Poland index, I mainly see
KALICH in Lublin and its surroundings. thus far, I
coul not see the relation, and there are no records
from Istrik to help.

You have listed Kalich and Kalech. Why don't you try to use Kalech for a
change - there are several listed in JRI-P Przemysl database (Ustrzyki Dolne
were administered by Przemysl Rabbanut).
One need to exercise a bit more 'savlanut' while researching.
There are possibilities:
- search by using Soundex system
- expand search to all Galicia, not only Lwow region
- consider that the researched person parents were not 'legally' married
(e.g. did not registered with the civic authorities, and this was a regular
"parasha" in Galicia). In this event child will appear under mother's family
- missing record (e.g.. books destroyed, damaged in water).

Good luck with your search,

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab., Canada

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