Hanoch or Henry #belarus

abe simon

In a message dated 8/30/2005 JREESE writes:
"Chanoch". followed by the Hebrew letters, Heh, Ayin, Nun, Yud, Chaf, which
I would
spell, "Henich". I remember that his yiddish name as "Henach", so I

that the second word is a form of Yiddish kinnui of his Hebrew name.
"Henoch" was my grandfather's name in Russia as well, but onve he arrived
here, he became Henry.
I had a great uncle (my mom's uncle) who had a son and both perished in 1941
in Odessa. My mom told me about a cousin Enach. I found his sister's
daughter Eugenia in Israel recently through Yad Vashem P.O.T. and we
realized we were related. My grandmother and her grandfather were sister and
brother. Anyway she said her uncle's name was Gendi in Russian but then I
realized she was "rolling her R" and was saying Genrich which would be
Russian for Henry. She didn't know his Hebrew name but I told her that was

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