Need help on Yiddish signature #belarus

Michael Goldstein <michael@...>

I would appreciate any help in translating a Yiddish signature posted on

The postings is located at:

Please reply privately to

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Researching descendants of:
ORTENBERG, STUPAK & PEKELIS of Ruzhin, Soloviyevka, Brusilov in Kiev
Gubernia, Ukraine and Suceava, Romania. ESTERSON, GILDENGERSH, NIKULINETZKY
& LINETZKY of Kobryn, Brest and Grodno (now Belarus),
GOLDSTEIN of Bessarabia & Toronto. MOSHKEVITCH & MANUSOFF of Nikapol &
Yekaterinoslav Ukraine

Known descendants are now in Canada, USA, Israel, Mexico, Argentina, Ukraine
Known Kin include above names plus in part: Berger, Kofsky, Olin, Wasserman,
Perrin, Levy, Nick, Schwarzbard, Bard, Brainin.

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