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I have some vital records that I ordered which turned out not to be my
family that i was looking for, even though the names were the same. I
would like to give these records to actual descendants. I do not wnat
to throw them away, since i paid for them it would be like throwing
money in the trash and who wants to do that.

I have a death record >from New York on a Isadore Rakoff who died in
Manhattan on 1/30/1971. At first I had ordered this record because I
thought I was on the right track and that this person was my
great-grandfathers brother. It wasn't until later after i had ordered
other records and talked to a relative that i found out i had the wrong
guy. My guy actually died in 1938 and i have those records now. I also
have a marriage record for this Isadore Rakoff who was married to a
Rose Sachs. I also have printouts of the census records which list them
as having three kids Adele, Alan, & Shirley.

I also have obits that i printed out form the New York Times, that
pertain to this Isadore Rakoff and his siblings. There is even an obit
on his father who was Jacob Rakoff. I am hoping to give these to the
rightfull owner.

I also have a birth record for an Alwin Steiner Born in September of
1896, to parents Louis & Flora Steiner. Who I was looking for
originally was a birth record for an Erwin Steiner, so i took a shot at
ordering the record thinking they made a typo with his name, but i was
wrong again. I also have a copy of a death record on a Herman Rakoff
who died in Bridgeport, Ct in 1928. His father was listed as Beyer

I also have marriage records on an Aaron Friedman who married a Fannie
Tiger in Brooklyn in June Of 1929. Am arriage record for a Nathan
Konig/kanig who married Sadie Maurer in Manhattan on 1/20/1913.

I want all these records to find new homes, so please contact me if
they are your ancestors.

Sarah Greenberg(USA-CT)

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