How To obtain a Visa Record & Followup to previous Inquiry #general


First of all I would like to thank everyone who helped with the
translations. However, I still have a question or two. To my knowledge
Brajna Grynberg was born in Ostroleka with the supposed maident name
Dunn. However, some people told me she was born with the surname DAB?
and that she was >from Debow? I was hoping someone could try to clarify.

Additionally, while this is not the actual visa record, it was one of
the accompanying documents.To order a copy of a visa record, you need
the Visa Number, the Issue date, and the place where it was issued.
This can be found on the Ellis Island Immigration Records (Only after
Visas were required). Then you can fill out a FOIA request and simply
request the Visa record. Previously, this had only taken about 4 months
to recieve the record. However, my last request was fowarded to a
different Archives facility in Lee Summit,MO. It has been about 6
months, and I'm still waiting on my last Visa request. I was told that
they moved the records, but if anyone has any information on this it
would be appreciated.

If anyone want to see an sample visa record, I can upload it.

Thank You,
Ira Block

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